Gregory Beson | Studio Beson



The Collection

At the heart of the collection is the Salt Void. From its form and concept both the scoop and mug were conceived. Aspects of the conceptual

framework of the Salt Void were transported and augmented in each new object.

In each object the hand is how the user begins to explore the possibilities of the void. “All our senses ‘think’ and structure our relationship

with the world, although we are not usually conscious of this potential activity.” 4 The materiality choices of cherry wood and brass exist for

the hand as an access point to begin a dialogue and their relationship with each object.

Salt Void Overview

A mindful ritual object who communicates through each of the five senses. The object allows the user to be mindful of the use and

distribution of salt through the curating of a user completed cycle. The user is encouraged to be deliberate with their motions, to focus on

the moment as they activate each object and communicate through their hand to their mind, inspiring contemplation, reflection and careful