Gregory Beson


Open Ritual Set

Open Ritual Set


OPEN RITUAL is a collection of tactile collaborative artifacts

designed to create mindful space for individuals at a shared meal.


As the name states the order of use, placement and timing is open to

interpretation. This is so each varied user can custom craft their own

unique ritual with the artifacts.


While the ritual is designed to be malleable, the purpose and function

of each object remains static fixed upon enabling mindful space

through curated use.





A tone is set To strike this match properly requires observation through

practice. A stillness and proper placement in one hand.A timed and precise

spin in the other. Between the two hands a balance is found.





To pour away a part of your beverage, offer it to someone or something is to

add to the gathering, to share, to join to solidify and represent our parts,

forging a new whole. 





Past, present & future. A Collective transformation. Together we choose

a seemingly needless task. We do this for ourselves and one another. A

transformation; coarse to fine, overpowering to enhancing. We will

recall this action in the taste of our meal.



This is our open ritual, this is how we connect to ourselves, one

another and the world.


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