Gregory Beson | Studio Beson


I myself am an optimistic skeptic. I travel and navigate the world with this

lens. This way provides evolution, reorganization, learning, and so requires

an inherent openness.


I myself grew up on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Proximity to a

wilderness place is necessary to begin to gain comprehension. It is a

foundation to begin to understand.


Making objects and working with the hands only aids. Digging a fence post,

soldering brass, planing ash. To know a material one must first hold it,

attempt to work it.


I myself am taken by light cast on a wall or the absence of light at noon. At

times I awake in the darkness, out of sleep, with a disbelief of the possibilities

granted us.


With my opportunity, with my time, I attempt to make good work in

conversation with others, with the world. I explore varied means of achieving

conversation, connection and am interested in the non verbal sensorial. To

move without physical force or sound.


Design is a conversation not a subjective statement. Art can be subjective.

I myself am a designer. I myself am an artist. Yet do those definitions


Currently enrolled in Parsons School of Design Industrial Design MFA Program in

NY, NY. Studio located in Greenpoint, NY


Commissions accepted upon request and review.

C / V request :



- Ari

- Public Displays of Affection

- Photon Ecstacy

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- Debois Design


- Metropolis Magazine - Alpi Veneer

- Modern Primitive Exchange - Superuse


- Parsons Story - Open Ritual


photo by Ari Elefterin

photo by Ari Elefterin