Gregory Beson | Studio Beson

Bin Bin


Finalist for the Cradle to Cradle C2C design challenge.

Runner up for Core 77 Design Award 2018 : Design for Social Impact

In collaboration with Danielle Connelly, Sarah Templin and Weiran Chen. Fall 2018


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BIN BIN is a produce bin system which combines the lightweight convenience of cardboard produce boxes with the durability and utility of plastic bins into one highly flexible, plant-based plastic bin. BIN BIN is used for stocking, shipping and display, eliminating the need for cardboard boxes and elevating the aesthetics of a small food grocer’s display.

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Bin Bin is owned by small green grocers and distributed to their local produce farmers. The farmer utilizes the containers for both storage at the farm and transportation of produce back to the grocer.




By using BIN BIN the need for new cardboard boxes each week is eliminated and the store display is easily organized and made uniform, customizable, and beautiful. The stocked bins go directly onto the produce shelves as display while empty bins go back on the farmer’s truck for use at the farm, thus completing the exchange loop.

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